Water Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality Monitoring System

With rapidly rising population in India, Fresh Water Management is very much essential which demands an increase in agricultural, industrial and other requirements. The Quality of Fresh Water is characterized by “chemical, physical and biological” content Traditional water quality monitoring involves three steps namely water sampling, Testing and investigation. These are done manually by the scientists. This technique is not fully reliable and gives no indication before hand on quality of water. Also with the advent of wireless sensor technologies, some amount of research carried out in monitoring the water quality using wireless sensors deployed in water and sending short message to farmer’s about water. Also research been carried out in analyzing the quality of water using machine learning algorithms too. Now with the advent of Machine to Machine Communication which leads to devices communicating among themselves and accordingly analyzing the data intelligently, we here have developed an “Intelligent IoT based water quality monitoring system” pertaining to storage tanks being used by residential areas. The system here employs PH sensor and TDS meter for measuring the water quality parameters pertaining to hydrogen ion and total dissolved solvents. In addition, machine learning algorithm K-Means clustering been employed for predicting the quality of water based on trained data set from different water samples. This system been implemented as a small prototype using low cost embedded devices.

Data monitoring nodes:

The data sensed by the sensor will be passed through a signal conditioning circuit. Then the manipulated data will be given to the controller. With the help of the RF module the manipulated sensed data will be sending to the data base station

Data base station:

The data from all the nodes is collected at the data base station consisting of ARM processor. This obtained data is displayed on a LCD display.

Remote monitoring centre:

The remote monitoring station consists of a Zigbee module which will receive the data sent by the data base station. This data will be fed to a server PC consisting of Graphic User Interface (GUI) via serial communication. Also the obtained data is compared with the standard values of the water parameters. If the obtained water parameters do not match the preset values then SMS will be sending to an authorized person in order to take preventive measures.

  • Monitor temperature, DO, pH, conductivity, and 5 additional parameters at the same time
  • High quality, rugged sensors
  • Battery powered for remote locations
  • User-friendly WindowsTM and WindowsTM CE-based PDA software included
  • Four sample modes: timed, 10 times per second, logarithmic, and exception
  • Both USB and serial communication ports

  • Sensor accuracy over the measurement range
  • Construction of equipment (parts well made, waterproof)
  • Reliability
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Energy consumption
  • Compatibility among components
  • Maintenance
  • Familiarity (using like technology as much as possible)
  • Product support (training, technical inquiries, repairs)


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