Smart Passenger Services

Smart Passenger Services

  • Embedded Services & Infotainment on Board trains and at railway stations
  • Dynamic Realtime Passenger Information System

Railway, subway, airplane, and other transportation systems have drawn an increasing interest in the use of wireless communications for critical and noncritical services to improve performance, reliability, and passenger experience. Smart transportation systems require the use of critical communications for operation and control, and wideband services can be provided using noncritical communications. High speed train (HST) is one of the best test cases for the analysis of communication links and specification of the general requirements for train control and supervision, passenger communications, and onboard and infrastructure wireless sensors. We analyze in detail critical and noncritical networks mainly using the HST as a test case. First, the different types of links for smart rail transportation are described, specifying the main requirements of the transportation systems, communications, and their applications for different services. Then, we propose a network architecture and requirements of the communication technologies for critical and noncritical data. Finally, an analysis is made for the future technologies, including the fifth-generation (5G) communications, millimeter wave (mmWave), terahertz (THz), and satellites for critical and high-capacity communications in transportation.


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