Smart Manufacturing System

Smart Manufacturing System

Smart Manufacturing are systems that are “fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs”. Also "Smart Manufacturing is the ability to solve existing and future problems via an open infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented at the speed of business while creating advantaged value."

Smart Rolling stock Factory/ Maintenance Depot/ Compo assembling plant:
  • Smart Health Monitoring
  • Smart Asset /inventory Management
  • Farmers would be able to smear to right amount of water at the right time by automatic irrigation.
  • Smart Power Management System
  • BMS – Building management System
Smart Manufacturing in Railways by LeaderPods:

Rolling stock manufacturing is a complex process which involves assembling of 2500 + components
and hence requires high levels of Quality assurance in terms of

  • Weld Quality
  • Surface finish
  • Precision assembly
  • Quality finishing
  • Complex supply chain of components and kits to the assembly work stations
  • Static and Dynamic testing safety synchronizations
  • Retro fitment management
  • Returnable good management
  • Parts traceability – configuration control
Process involves several spot welding /MIG /TIG welding of intricate parts:

Through Leaderpods Smart Manufacturing systems – we get into the intricacies of Railway manufacturing process and Integrate sensors, data loggers to machines and work stations to derive the condition out puts which are then studied to improve the process efficiency or reduce the cost of non Quality. ( CONQ) further the data is synchronized for automated decision making or seamless communication to the ERP/monitoring systems

Similar concepts can be performed for Railway depot operations, Warehouses, spares and inventory management systems.

Logistics and supply chain integration in the Railway rolling stock manufacturing gives hands on advantage in Configuration control management in Trains , Warranty management of parts, Returnable good management saving time and cost for the OEM’s and operators.

Furthermore, SM integrates data and information from multiple open and vendor applications and products that can be composed to form new solutions. It can be applied to a single machine line, an entire factory or across a network of suppliers and customers. In fact, linking and integrating among and across all of these in synchronized time is possible.

These improvements make it realistic to manage manufacturing operations with more precision and better collaboration among employees, suppliers and partners. SM will create an open atmosphere where fact-based decisions can be made and decision makers will have the trusted data when it’s needed, where it’s needed and in the most useful form. Solving problems will be based on a total picture.

Top Benefits of SMS

Higher quality products

Improve productivity

Increase energy efficiency

Sustain safer plant floors


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