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IoT Sense People Counting accurately measures the number of people standing or moving in an area. Using radar technology, the sensor scans for micro-vibrations and determines the number of people moving and the direction of their movements. Unlike conventional camera-based video analytics systems, it does not violate privacy and provides insights for improved operational efficiency and energy management.
Count the number of people embarking and disembarking a bus at various bus stops for insights on how frequent to deploy more buses. Measure headcount in a train carriage to facilitate crowd control.

Smart Cities

Agriculture is basic source of livelihood People in India. It plays major role in economy of country. But now days due to migration of people from rural to urban there is hindrance in agriculture. Monitoring the environmental factor is not the complete solution to increase the yield of crops. There are no of factors that decrease the productivity to a great extent. Hence Automation must be implemented in agriculture to overcome these problems. An automatic irrigation system thereby saving time, money and power of farmer. The Traditional Farm land irrigation techniques require manual intervention. With the automated technology of irrigation the human intervention can be minimized.

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Today in the headway of Automation innovation, life is getting simpler and less demanding in all spheres. Home automation is a modern technology that modifies your home to perform different sets of task automatically. Today Automatic frameworks are being favored over manual frameworks. No wonders, home automation in India is already the buzz word, especially as the wave of second generation home owners grows, they want more than shelter, water, and electricity. The first and most obvious advantage of Smart Homes is comfort and convenience, as more gadgets can deal with more operations (lighting, temperature, and so on) which in turn frees up the resident to perform other tasks. Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

Management Consultancy Services

With rapidly rising population in India, Fresh Water Management is very much essential which demands an increase in agricultural, industrial and other requirements. The Quality of Fresh Water is characterized by “chemical, physical and biological” content Traditional water quality monitoring involves three steps namely water sampling, Testing and investigation. These are done manually by the scientists. This technique is not fully reliable and gives no indication before hand on quality of water. Also with the advent of wireless sensor technologies, some amount of research carried out in monitoring the water quality using wireless sensors deployed in water and sending short message to farmer’s about water.


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