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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a specific computer science which focuses on the creation of intelligent machines which is able to perform tasks and react like human beings. These tasks include speech recognition, Visual perception, Learning, planning, reasoning, decision-making, Problem-solving, language translations, and the ability to move objects .

Machine learning

Machine learning is simply one of the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computing systems with the ability to learn and improve from experiences automatically without being explicitly programmed.


Create a chatbot that can leverage the technology of Natural Language Processing and machine learning to converse with the customers over a chat interface, to shop for products and services .

Big data analytics

Big data analytics solutions focused on diagnostics to unlock new business values for engineering and industrial sectors and provide solutions to their existing process problems through machine learning techniques.
Develop an efficient data analytical platform compressing of ANN which can provide quick, actionable inputs to enterprises helping them in their faster decision-making process.

face recognition

AI-based intelligent surveillance camera that uses face recognition through deep learning and provides actionable surveillance solutions in real-time for high-value customers in retail, banking, ATM monitoring.

natural language Processing

Specialise in advanced natural language generation platform., where machine learns and writes like a person, automatically transforming data into Intelligent Narratives, insightful conversational communications.
Develop image and speech-based authentication protocols to log into a system or an application.
Intelligent banking chatbot which can communicate, assist and clarify customer’s queries and clarifications.

Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)

A virtual assistant or digital assistant is an AI application program which understands our spoken language commands using Natural Language Processing techniques using Machine Learning and goes about to complete these instructed tasks.
VPA performs those tasks which used to be performed by a secretary like taking dictations, searching phone numbers, fixing appointments, reminders of the daily to do list, reading texts, letters and email etc.

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