Smart Agricultural Monitoring System

Smart Agricultural Monitoring System

Agriculture is basic source of livelihood People in India. It plays major role in economy of country. But now days due to migration of people from rural to urban there is hindrance in agriculture. Monitoring the environmental factor is not the complete solution to increase the yield of crops. There are no of factors that decrease the productivity to a great extent. Hence Automation must be implemented in agriculture to overcome these problems. An automatic irrigation system thereby saving time, money and power of farmer. The Traditional Farm land irrigation techniques require manual intervention. With the automated technology of irrigation the human intervention can be minimized. Continuous sensing an monitoring of crops by convergence of sensors with Internet of things (IOT) and making farmers to aware about crops growth, harvest time periodically and in turn making high productivity of crops and also ensuring correct delivery of products to end, consumers at right place and right time. So to overcome this problem we go for smart agriculture technique using IOT. This Project includes sensors such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture and rain detector for collection the field data and processed. These sensors are combined with well established web technology in the form of wireless sensor network to remotely control and monitor data from the sensors.

Need of automatic irrigation:
  • Simple an easy to install and configure.
  • Saving energy and resources, so that it can be utilized in proper way and amount.
  • Farmers would be able to smear to right amount of water at the right time by automatic irrigation.
  • Avoiding irrigation at the wrong time of day, reduce runoff from overwatering saturated soils which will improve crop performance.
  • Automated irrigation system uses vales to turn motor ON and OFF. Motors can be automated easily by usingļƒ˜ controllers and no need of labour to turn motor ON an OFF. It is precise method for irrigation and a valuable tool for accurate soil moisture control in highly specialized
  • greenhouse vegetable production. It is time saving, the human error elimination in adjusting available soil moisture levels

Sensor data acquisition :

The sensor is interface with Arduino Uno such as DHT11 Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture and Rain detection sensor is used.

Wireless data transmission :

The data acquired from sensors are transmitted to the web server using wireless transmission (WIFI module ESP8266).

Data processing and Decision making :

The data processing is the task of checking various sensors data received from the field with the already fixed threshold values. The motor will be switched ON automatically if the soil moisture value falls below the threshold and vice- versa. The farmer can even switch ON the Motor from mobile using mobile application.

Automation and irrigation system :

The irrigation system automated once the control received from the web application or mobile application. The relays are used to pass control form web application to the electrical switches using Arduino microcontroller. The circuits with low power signal can be controlled using relay.

Web application :

The web application will be designed to monitor the field and crops from anywhere using internet connection. To control the Arduino processing IDE is used, the webpage can be communicated using the processing IDE.

Mobile Application :

The mobile application will be developed in android. The mobile application helps to monitor an controlled filed from anywhere. IV.HARDWARE USED Soil Moisture Sensor:- Soil moisture sensor is a sensor which senses the moisture content of the


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